A former French model who also happened to graduate from the best business school in France, Constance gave up a promising career in law to become a yoga instructor in 2011, while living in Uruguay.

She is now based in Cascais, Portugal where She teaches Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Her very own style is a mix between Eastern Yoga learnt in the pure Indian tradition and a more groovy Western philosophy that She discovered in America and the UK. Her practice is inspired by the brightness and colors of the Rainbow : always changing, fun and joyful!

Join her for an immersive retreat or simply for a class and let her guide you with passion and tranquility through a dynamic and creative flow.


First Class



Your first experience with Yoga

Don’t be scared, don’t be impressed, nobody will judge your first and next steps on your yoga mat, it is about your practice, your moment and yourself

Self Care Yoga

I never teach a general yoga class, it is always based on individual needs and intention. You will not find here only one style, one tradition or one technique of yoga : because everyone is different, I know that it requires different approaches to meet your needs.

Disconnect to Reconnect

I want your yoga mat to be your safe and sacred place, I want you to feel that you are landing home when you step on your mat and feeling home in your body when you leave the practice. One movement, One breath, connecting mind and body.

Feel Good Yoga

My classes are all about feeling good in your body and to shift your mindset into the HAPPY mode.
With me, you get a little bit of everything : we dance, we sweat, we flow, we breathe, we recharge ! These classes will stretch, strengthen and tone your physical and mental being.